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Boom or Bust Byway wins 2020 national byway organization award


The Boom or Bust Byway received Honorable Mention for their Marketing and Communications entry in the national 2020 Byway Organization Awards bestowed by the National Scenic Byway Foundation. Charlie Rice, Stacy Brown and others have been invited to represent the byway for the award presentation at the Heartland Byway Conference, rescheduled for October 27-29, 2020 in Leavenworth Kansas.

The Byway got its name from the economic pattern of the oil and gas industry and other affected industries in the state’s rural communities. The leadership of this scenic byway is noted for its multi-faceted approach to content marketing and communications highlighting water and many other natural and commercial resources. The beauty of Louisiana can be seen from the Byway as it winds by lakes, rivers, bayous and wetlands, oil industry installations, farmlands and forested lands and quaint, historic towns and villages. Byway leaders fomented a significant on-going social media campaign including a new self-driving tour Smartphone application.

For 136 miles, the Boom or Bust Byway travels primarily on LA 2 from the Texas state line to Lisbon with a loop at either end. The Byway visitor experience highlights several small towns that once prospered in the oil/gas and lumber industries.


The Boom or Bust Byway was named a Louisiana Byway in 2011. Since then, the byway organization has concentrated efforts on enhancing and protecting the intrinsic qualities of the byway. Read more about the Boom or Bust Byway at https://boomorbustbyway.com/, about all of Louisiana’s byways at https://byways.louisianatravel.com/, and about the 2020 National Scenic Byway Foundation Awards at https://nsbfoundation.com/2020-nsbf-awards/ .

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