Call 811 Before Erecting Temporary Medical Structures During the Fight Against COVID-19

Baton Rouge, LA – April 6, 2020– In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, medical facilities such as hospitals, testing sites and others may find the need to erect tents or like temporary structures in Louisiana communities. Louisiana811 and our utility partners would like to remind everyone that even temporary structures, which include the driving of stakes for the installation of tents, creates a risk of damaging a buried utility line.

To avoid damaging buried lines and potentially creating a utility outage, notification should be made to Louisiana811 to have all buried utility lines marked prior to starting the work.

For these cases, when the 811 request is made, it is key to indicate that this notice is for a Temporary Emergency Medical Worksite and request that the member utility operators get an “Emergency” locate notification. You are also encouraged to contact your essential local utilities before starting these projects.
To place a utility locate request, call 811 or use our online service at

Louisiana811 encourages all excavation partners and the general public to exercise the utmost in caution, cooperation and patience as you plan and perform excavation work during this time. For more information, visit

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