Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Providence House takes steps in response to COVID-19

by BIZ Magazine

In response to COVID-19, Providence House, a program for the homeless in Shreveport, consulted with the CDC as well as the Office of Public Health.

“We have closely monitored all reports and adhered to the recommendations from our President, Governor as well as our local leadership (Mayor Perkins/City of Shreveport, Caddo Parish School Board, Caddo Commissioners, etc.,” Providence House wrote in a press release. “Our highest priority is to keep our 41 staff members and 40 families in our care safe.”

Providence House took the following steps, as they continue to monitor the health of their staff and families:

  • On Thursday, March 12th the agency met with all families and staff to share updated information passed down from the CDC. All families were given sanitizer, Lysol spray and wipes to keep surfaces and hands cleaned. Further, wipes and sanitizer were placed in every single room and common space of the agency.  In addition to the warm water and soap regiment, everyone is required to sanitize their hands upon entry and exit from the building.
  • Red River Sanitors were called in on March 12th to complete Phase I deep clean; phase II will be completed the week of March 16th. In addition, we will sanitize all areas with a commercial disinfectant every two hours.
  • Bright, orange notices were placed throughout both buildings as a reminder to wash hands and sanitize surfaces.  
  • We will monitor and track the temperature of all staff and residents beginning March 18th through April 20th.   Because so many people do not exhibit symptoms, tracking temperatures is a good baseline.
    1. An isolation room has been established in the event someone presents symptoms.
    2. We will follow the instructions from the Office of Public Health should anyone is believed to have symptoms of the virus.
  • As a precaution, residents are required to practice social distancing and self-isolation.  Everyone will be restricted to their rooms unless there is an absolute reason to be away from the building. We will provide activities for the children and families to enjoy, but will restrict gatherings to 10 people. 
  • Volunteers and visitors will not be permitted in the shelter beginning March 16th and continuing through April 20th.  These dates may be extended based on the directives from the CDC.
  • Our Donations Center will be completely shut down to receive donations effective March 16th until further notice. Anyone wishing to donate is welcome to use the Providence House donation bins conveniently located throughout the Shreveport-Bossier community.  Financial contributions can be made at
  • All events (including Graduation, Behind the Red Door Tours, Power of $25 Day, board meetings, etc.) will be cancelled until further notice.

“In addition, our staff will all be working a modified work schedule,” the release read.  Our focus will be on the care and safety of our families. Therefore, outside visitors and volunteers will not be granted access to our campus. We are making every effort to be prepared and not panicked.

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