Sunday, February 25, 2024

Shreveport Regional Airport flights unaffected by coronavirus

by BIZ Magazine

As travel around the nation is impacted by the coronavirus outbreak, flights at Shreveport Regional Airport have not been reduced.

According to an Associated Press report, United Airlines will reduce flights, freeze hiring and ask employees to volunteer for unpaid leave in response to the virus.

“Flights in and out of Shreveport Regional Airport have not been affected by the virus outbreak. United has not indicated to us that they will be adjusting the schedule here,” said Mark Crawford, spokesman for the Shreveport Airport Authority. “We still have one daily departure to Denver and four daily departures to Houston on United.”

United said Wednesday that starting in April it will reduce passenger-carrying capacity 20% on international routes and 10% in the U.S. — the first airline to cut domestic flying. United officials said they will temporarily ground an unspecified number of planes.

The moves by United are the clearest sign yet of the financial harm to U.S. airlines from the virus, which has already led them to suspend flights to China and reduce service to other countries.

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