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Buy Bossier campaign highlights local retailers, encourages shopping local this holiday season

by BIZ Magazine

The Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation (GBEDF) is launching a campaign this holiday season in order to educate the public on the impact of the local retail sector. 

“Buy Bossier” will encourage shoppers to purchase local, specifically in Bossier Parish, throughout the season and beyond.  The campaign is meant to deter retail leakage due to the more increasingly popular trend of purchasing goods and services online through companies outside of the area. 

The GBEDF has created a website to showcase the relevant data related to our retail sector in order to engage locals in ways they can be a part of their community’s economic success.  Additionally, the site hosts a tool which allows users to search within Bossier for any goods or services for those who rely on the convenience of online shopping. 

Retaining retail trade dollars in our market and keeping the local income circulating in our trade area is an important part of Bossier’s economic success. 

“When you Buy Bossier, you help to build a better Bossier,”  shared Rocky Rockett, executive director of the GBEDF. “Retail sales tax dollars flow back into the local municipality’s bottom line, which in turn helps to further fund investments in public safety, quality of life and infrastructure improvements.”

Patronizing Bossier businesses, both big box retail as well as small businesses, does in fact have an impact on the further development of the area.  Additionally, local businesses are more likely to support and invest in community events.  The GBEDF invites the business community to join with them in advancing their mission to market the Bossier community in Northwest Louisiana.

Local Retail Facts and Figures

2018 Annual Retail Sales Total (Source: GBEDF)

  • Bossier Parish $2,706,944,972
  • Bossier City $1,987,364,720

Number of Employees in the Retail Trade Sector (Source:  Louisiana Workforce Commission Labor Market Statistics, Quarterly Census of Employment Source)

  • 22,409
  • 13% of the local workforce is employed by the retail trade sector

Total Wages Paid in the Retail Sector for Bossier Parish in 2017 (Source: Louisiana Workforce Commission, Louisiana Occupational Source: LOIS, Labor Market Statistics, July 2019 Information System)

  • $188,425,678

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