Wednesday, February 21, 2024

LSUS welcomes record breaking fall class

by BIZ Magazine

The Fall 2019 semester marks another enrollment milestone for LSUS as it welcomes 8,518 students to the university, a record-breaking number.

First-time freshman enrollment has increased 15% over Fall 2018, according to the final census numbers published by the university’s Institutional Research Department. Overall enrollment has increased by 24% since Fall 2018, continuing the upward trend the university has experienced over the last four years.

The university’s Enrollment Management team, led by Dr. Julie Lessiter, Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives, has made increasing overall enrollment, particularly on-campus enrollment, a major focus for the next five years. Meeting these targets involves balancing short-term outreach efforts with a long-term assessment of the university’s procedures and customer service.  

“I’m so proud that the hard work our Enrollment Management Team has invested is coming to fruition. We looked at everything that we do well along with the things that needed refinement,” Dr. Lessiter said. “It’s truly a coordinated effort between Admissions, Financial Aid, the Scholarship Office and all of the other divisions that are focused on the recruitment, registration and retention of our students.”

But the university’s mission is not one-dimensional in its scope. Over the last few years the university has invested over 10 million dollars in infrastructure upgrades to meet the changing needs of students in the 21st Century. Upgrades to classrooms and facilities such as the University Center common areas, the Port, and the fitness room at the H&PE building were made to enhance student life. On the academic side, the university added the Student Success Center, the Veterans Resource Center, the Idea Space, and the upcoming 10,000 square-foot CyberCollaboratory. The university has also been revamping curricula and bringing new faculty to campus to meet the demands of today’s students and maintain the academic excellence that LSUS is known for.

“Our administration sees many opportunities for enhancing student success and making LSUS the urban metropolitan university that serves the community on many different levels,” Chancellor Clark said. “Our team has worked tirelessly to revitalize the campus and the student experience here at LSUS, and the dramatic increase in our enrollment shows that we are on the right track.”    

Even with the record numbers for 2019, the Enrollment Management team is already focused on the next recruiting cycle. The administration has a target of 4,000 on-campus students by 2024. “We’re so excited about what is happening at LSUS,” Dr. Lessiter said. “We can’t wait for people to come see it for themselves.” 

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