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Guice: Creating possibilities for your future

by BIZ. Staff

One in five Louisiana citizens has earned some college but did not complete a degree. In northwest Louisiana, that number is about 88,000 residents. 

Education is a transformational investment, and often, earning a bachelor’s degree is the ticket to economic prosperity and social mobility. Opportunities for returning adult students are wide-ranging, and significant benefits come with earning a degree from a university connected to your community.

Louisiana Tech has joined with our sister institutions in the University of Louisiana System to make a difference for adult learners who want to complete their degrees through the Compete LA program ( 

Compete LA hopes to increase credentials among the state’s residents in order to improve Louisiana’s overall educational attainment and create a more educated workforce. The program pairs each prospective student with a coach who will help navigate the path to re-enrollment and college completion.

Each of the 9 ULS institutions has focused on different academic programs in order to help completers find the perfect degree-program fit. Compete LA features two Tech programs – Interdisciplinary Studies and Health Informatics and Information Management (HIIM). 

Both of these programs can be completed in northwest Louisiana – either online or in a hybrid setting in our Ruston campus or at Tech Barksdale. Moreover, both these programs offer flexible scheduling designed to make it simpler for adults to continue working or taking care of family obligations. We even have a college navigator at the Academic Success Center (ASC) in Bossier City to help students enter these degree programs.

In the Shreveport-Bossier area, Louisiana Tech also offers other degrees and paths to completion beyond Compete LA’s offerings. Students can earn an Associate Degree in General Studies at Tech Barksdale or complete the Computer Information Systems four-year degree at the ASC. 

Finishing your degree changes the possibilities for your future. And leaders who help their employees complete degrees or earn advanced ones can boost their companies or organizations to greater success. Louisiana Tech is committed to a student-centered process designed to ensure adults can re-enroll no matter their life circumstances. We’ll cut the red tape and ensure you have the resources to succeed.

If you have questions about Compete LA, please visit the program’s website at Learn more and then make contact with your college coach to get started this fall. If you have questions about enrolling at the ASC or Tech Barksdale, call 318.383.5770.

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