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Shreveport business leader represents state at global summit

by BIZ. Staff

A Shreveport business leader was recently making connections with technology firms during a global summit in the Netherlands.

CyberReef was selected to represent the State of Louisiana in The Netherlands last month at a global entrepreneurial summit. Jamie Brown, CTO, attended with other American political leaders from the Trump administration and State Department.  

Brown, a former resident of Austin, Texas, said he had relocated to Shreveport for “all of a week” when he was asked to take the trip and didn’t know what to expect.

“It wasn’t what I expected, in a good way. We were able to spend time with a variety of industries who are all trying to chart the future,” Brown said. “In sessions we would go through different meetings and industries, and it they were all people describing problems that need global solutions. They were looking for advice and connections, and I made a few of those connections.”

For example, Brown approached the chairman of the board for Korea Telecom about collaborating.

“He was open to working on projects. If we can work with a global player and help the whole country, that’s what the conference is about — who can you work with and why in order to drive more of a global play,” Brown explained.

Other highlights included listening to First Lady Ivanka Trump and Queen Máxima from the Netherlands discuss women entrepreneurs and the struggles they face in other countries. Brown as also intrigued at hearing the president of Korea Telecom discuss 5G.

“At CyberReef, we’re right in the forefront of that. A lot of the things he talked about we can do now with 4G but will be more user friendly with 5G,” Brown said. “Where CyberReef comes in is that we can protect that flow of data. 5G will only make (threats) more prevalent and makes our company more important.”

Brown believes that he, as a representative of CyberReef, was chosen because the company is a highly respected tech firm. We have backgrounds that are very diverse, we haven’t just done one thing in our careers.

“From telecom to wireless internet, we bring a wealth of knowledge in that space that, frankly, doesn’t exist here,” Brown said. 

He and CEO Hilton Nicholson said their participation in the conference and the connections he made is all part of their effort to help the region. 

“We have a company to run and make sure it gets to the right stages but we’re here for the region. I didn’t move here for just one company, I don’t anticipate selling this and moving. I anticipate selling this and doing another one here in Shreveport,” Brown said.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Brown said he is committed to the South and Shreveport, specifically. But CyberReef needs to expand their view outside the region and the country, saying, “It has to start somewhere and these conferences help you make those connections.”

“We’re so focused on the U.S., the South, and Louisiana. The U.S. is much bigger and more prosperous but there’s this whole world stage and we need to be a part of it,” Brown said. “It shows how small the world is and we can make a play from here in Louisiana.

He said he was proud to represent the state after only here such a short time.

“We feel like there’s great change coming and from the first time I’ve come to Shreveport, the downtown Shreveport has changed. My goal is to be involved with bringing more and bigger companies here,” said Brown.

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