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Cassidy: Trump is creating opportunity for Louisiana workers

by BIZ Magazine

Before President Donald Trump, working families suffered. Years of slow growth, wage increases only for those already well off, and high taxes suffocated families. Overregulation impeded Louisiana businesses and jobs. South Louisiana never quite recovered from the previous administration’s offshore oil moratorium.

Two years into Trump’s presidency, we have the lowest unemployment rate in 60 years — record low unemployment for veterans, women, high school dropouts, African Americans, and Hispanics. We have more job openings in this country than workers to fill them. Wages are growing for working families. Businesses are once again investing billions in South Louisiana natural gas.

The president’s economic agenda has given more jobs to more Louisiana workers, and tax cuts have put more money in more families’ wallets. Prioritizing American workers has been Trump’s focus, and we are succeeding. My focus is working with Trump to bring more of that success to Louisiana.

Last week, Trump came to our state and visited the liquid natural gas export facility in Cameron Parish. Thanks to his pro-U.S. energy policies, natural gas exports to Europe are up nearly 300% since he took office. This is creating jobs for Louisiana workers from the wellhead, to the pipeline, to the export facility. The construction and service industries, which support this energy network, have also benefited.

While on Air Force One, I spoke to President Trump about the importance of unleashing American natural gas for Louisiana’s economy and our nation’s security.

We still have to continue rebuilding our offshore oil industry, which has brought so much prosperity to South Louisiana, so that it can be as strong as it was before the moratorium. We need to build the pipelines that bring gas down from Northwest Louisiana and down to the export facilities in Cameron and Calcasieu. I have fought to expedite permitting for pipelines and energy infrastructure projects that will create jobs and contribute to our state’s economy.

U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy

We need to have an emphasis on building industry in our state and keeping energy prices low. I have been a consistent advocate for the power of natural gas to create American jobs and decrease the cost of doing business, which helps bring businesses and jobs back to the United States. I will continue to work with the president to get this done and bring more success to our state.

Together, President Trump and I are committed to helping Louisiana workers. Recently there were calls to waive the Jones Act. This would have replaced American ships and workers with foreign substitutes. After I met with Trump, along with U.S. Sen. John Kennedy and Republican House Whip Steve Scalise, the president committed to preserving the law, protecting American shipbuilders and maritime workers. He understands the importance of this law to protect American workers and our national security by preventing a foreign takeover of our shipping industry.

So-called “experts” claimed this explosive economic growth would be impossible. Not only is it wholly possible, but we are witnessing an economic renaissance the likes of which we have never seen before. Washington Democrats are looking for ways to distract Americans from this success or roll it back entirely. Serious voices in Washington are calling to increase taxes on American families by taking away their tax cuts, take away Louisiana energy jobs by enforcing the Green New Deal, and escape the outcome of an election by pushing conspiracy theories to impeach the president.

My focus is on helping Louisiana families. I am looking for more ways to work with Trump, build on our successes, and ensure even more Louisiana families benefit from our leadership.

[Editor’s Note: This column was originally published in The Advocate and shared by Sen. Cassidy’s office.]

Dr. Bill Cassidy is a U.S. senator from Louisiana.

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