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Mayor Perkins announces summer internship leader program


Mayor Adrian Perkins is proud to announce the Future Leaders of Shreveport Summer Internship Program.  This internship program offers more than one-hundred local high school and college students the opportunity to work in City Government and for area businesses. 

The program begins June 3rd and lasts eight weeks, ending on July 26th. Interns will be spread throughout each department, working thirty hours a week. High school students will receive $10 per hour for their services and college students will earn $12 per hour. 

Local businesses are participating by hiring interns through the Mayor’s internship program and donating money to support our efforts.


Applicants can choose to work in healthcare, engineering, recreation, legal, technology, human services, public safety, business services, accounting, or science.

“This is one of the largest and most diverse internship programs in the City’s history. More importantly, it is an investment in Shreveport’s future,” Mayor Perkins said. “This public/private partnership offers local young people the opportunity to do meaningful work. It gives them experience with municipal government, and shows them how they can make a difference in their community.” 

High school and college students can apply at: www.shreveportla.gov. All candidates must go through the City’s application process, including those who wish to work for a local business. 

Applications will be received through April 15th. All applications must be approved before the applicant is admitted into the program. 

Companies can still pledge their support by either hiring interns through the Mayor’s internship program or by making a monetary donation to add postings to the program.  

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