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CCDS at LSU Health Shreveport receives continued approval as a Center of Excellence


At the February Louisiana Board of Regents meeting, the Board unanimously approved the continuation of the Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences (CCDS) at LSU Health Shreveport as a Center of Excellence of research and innovation.

A Center of Excellence is uniquely focused and specific in its designation. It may consist of a unit, program, or functional area that, as a Center, is accountable to higher expectation of performance and productivity, including contributions to the body of knowledge and to economic development, placement of graduates, generation of external interest and support, formation of joint ventures and partnerships, and positive recognition of the area and its faculty and students.

A Center of Excellence must demonstrate that it is a statewide leader in the area of designation and must address how it does so in a proposal to the Board of Regents. With the designation as a Center of Excellence comes the responsibility for leadership within the state and, if applicable, beyond. Implied in the designation is a commitment to concentrate and build on this strength by advancing knowledge and skills, thereby creating better opportunities for the citizens of the State. The Center is expected to serve as a resource to support similar programs offered by other institutions.


There are three Centers of Excellence at LSU Health Shreveport: The Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences (CCDS), the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center (FWCC) and the Center of Excellence for Arthritis and Rheumatology (CEAR).  

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