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Shreveport’s Southland Printing Co. expands to service local market


For more than 60 years, Southland Printing Co. has been a staple of successful, Shreveport-based businesses and continues to be one of its oldest continuously run family operations.

From humble beginnings in a borrowed basement to the now multi-million dollar company servicing over fifty countries around the world- Southland Printing has secured its place as a leader in the parking ticket industry and has led the way in innovation and commerce.

Now, Southland Printing is bringing that same innovation and leadership to the Ark-La-Tex  with their new commercial printing division.  


Olen Ashby, general manager at Southland Printing Co., says the local market sort of demanded the return of their commercial printing department.

“In the 1980’s we quit supplying the local market with printing because of the growth of our niche market (parking lot tickets).  There were a variety of printers around at that time that were able to handle the local business. But several years ago we began to get more requests from local firms so we decided to reenter the local market,” said Ashby. 

In addition to now being an all-inclusive printing service; management says they also provide the unique selling advantage of personalized service and quick turn-around.

“We’ve added more equipment and a dedicated salesperson to handle the items that people are requesting,” said Ashby. “Plus, when you do business with the largest printer in the area-prices are almost always lower due to sheer volume,” said Ashby.

With an entire block of printing real estate off Shreveport’s North Market; Southland Printing is equipped to provide just about any printed item you would need for your business.

‘“We’ve recently adopted the slogan, ‘Yep, we print that too!’ to let local businesses know we can print just about anything in the commercial printing arena…and fast,” he continued.  “From any sort of promotional item you can imagine to letterhead, brochures, quarterly statements and everything in between-we do it all.”

Southland Printing Co. says they are committed to bringing the same integrity and quality to the local commercial printing market as they have achieved with their parking ticket niche.  Management says integrity and quality are two things which are very important to the continuing legacy of this family-owned business.

Since the passing of the original owner and founder, John Manno, the business has been directed by Manno’s son and grandson. John Manno, Jr., along with his mother and son, have continued to keep the family business true to the concepts and design of John, Sr.  

In 1960 John Manno and his wife, Angelina, founded Southland Printing Company, Inc. in the basement of his father-in-law’s home. It soon became apparent that Southland would specialize in printing for the parking industry. This was primarily because John, having worked for another local printer before striking out on his own, had developed several innovative products for the parking ticket industry and obtained a patent for his innovations. 

Fast forward 60 years and Southland Printing Co. has become the premier producer of parking lot tickets and related items in the United States and abroad. Over the years, Southland has serviced over 50 countries including India, Mexico, Tawain, Canada, Belguim, and even Australia.  

To celebrate the new, local commercial printing division, Southland Printing Co. and the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce will hold a ribbon cutting and open house on February 28 at their North Market headquarters. Southland Printing Co. will offer refreshments and an awe-inspiring display of the kind of products they will offer to local businesses. Plus, customer service representatives will be on sight to answer any questions and to take orders.

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