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Cook: “The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get”


Each of our Junior Achievement board members are very important to continuing the growth of our mission in this community. In Non-Profit Land, we often work on many projects at the same time, however, our work must be top level regardless of the size of staff or the number of activities for which we are in simultaneously charged to expedite. It is always the responsibility of the Executive Director to make sure all things run perfectly, and this time it did not. Through no fault of the Shreveport Times, this morning I learned a lesson—that after many years in public service I should have known—always proof the copy before it goes to print. Great intentions to honor can cause unintentional damage that is difficult to repair. As I publish this, I pause to take a minute to thank my team who has worked to help JA grow from 2,760 in 2010-11 to our projected 13,000+ students this academic year! Without you, we could not make this ambitious goal a reality and plan ahead to give even more students a chance to set goals to reach their academic and economic success!

Please find the correct list of our 2018-19 Board of Directors —Team JA, whose work inspires and prepares young people to succeed in the 21st century workplace! Dr. Gayle Flowers actually hired me in 2011, although she was not yet a doctor. Since then, she has put in many hours to earn a Doctorate of Education and serves our community at BPCC. I apologize for missing that credential on today’s newspaper publication. In addition, William Street with the Rosestone Group was omitted—I appreciate what William brings to our board and his willingness to support JA’s mission.


Nita Cooks is Executive Director of Junior Achievement of North Louisiana

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