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Brothers join to create Hargrove roofing


Billy and Clyde Hargrove were born and raised in Shreveport to a family that had owned and operated businesses in Shreveport-Bossier for five generations. Both attended Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and together, successfully started two rock bands over the past 15 years whose accomplishments included national releases, label signing, and national touring.

It seemed no matter what happened, they were naturally drawn back to each other to collaborate. After their musical careers, Billy went to work and earned partnership at architectural giant Somdal Associates and Clyde began a career in construction. He quickly developed a concentration on roof construction.

Clyde noticed that there were plenty of roofing companies that would come in town during storm seasons or give great effort after hail ravaged a neighborhood; but, he saw a void of locally owned, consistent, around the clock roof construction companies that are there no matter the weather to give clients the communication they deserve. Once he saw this, he knew that creating his own roofing company was something he had to do.


The two brother’s paths would cross again in May of 2018. Billy Hargrove was sitting at his studio desk designing plans for one of his projects when he heard a noise outside his office window. It was hailing; but, not normal hail it was gigantic sized pieces of ice falling from the sky. Clyde had just started Hargrove Roofing and called his brother as the hail was pouring.

“I am going to handle this for Shreveport-Bossier. This is my opportunity to show the local community what I can do,” he said.

Clyde’s calmness and confidence stuck with Billy, and the idea of coming together began.

When the storms go away, and seasons change, Hargrove Roofing plans to remain a constant for their home city. They are not storm chasers, nor are they looking for one-time clients. Repeat business from previous clients means everything to them. They are working together, growing a family-owned business in the city they love. The same city their great-grandfather grew his business in, and the same city their grandfather served as mayor. Clyde with his sincere personality and undeniable will power, mixed with his brother’s design background, and their loyalty to each other and family, have created a business that Shreveport should see around for a long time.

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