Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Shreveport entrepreneurs create nursing tool, seeking funding

by BIZ. Staff

As the entrepreneurship ecosystem continues to thrive in Louisiana, there’s one local innovation poised to revolutionize the daily medical experience nationwide.

Created by nurses for nurses, the patented, pocket-sized MultiNix design debuted publicly on Sept. 14, via the tool’s Indiegogo page. Creators Wayne and Dawn Nix hope to raise $25,000 through the fundraising site. 

The 15-in-1 lightweight tool has endless capabilities, thanks to a wide-range of features, which include but not limited to: a flat blade; plier grip; tube grasp, bumper guard; vial cap remover; ruler; razor; pry-bar wedge caliper; blunt flat wedges, and scissor blades.

The design was achieved through a collaborative, 4-year effort involving various nurses, clinicians, and engineers.

“Utility tools have a critical impact on frontline staff, in terms of quality healthcare delivery. Third-party Office of Research Development and Administration (ORDA) surveys demonstrate nurses spend about 75 percent of time away from providing direct patient care – in order to find the tools they need to deliver care,” Wayne said.

Campaign contribution levels range from $5 as a goodwill donation, to $224 for three tools and the donation of three additional tools to medical mission trip organizations. Contributions can be made directly via the following link: The deadline to participate is Oct. 14.

The tool also creates a platform for advancing nursing resources, as well as aiding employee satisfaction and general retention rates through the reduction of stress and anxiety experienced daily by under-equipped nursing teams.

“We’ve created the best tool out there to help nurses get their shift done – and will continue to improve on our offerings,” Wayne added.

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