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BPCC OnDemand releases new training offerings

by BIZ. Staff

Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC)’s OnDemand™, a non-credit, customizable, and self-paced online training platform, has released several new training offerings to fit the needs of industry partners and align to high-wage, high-demand opportunities.

The new online training offerings include CompTIA® Security+ (501), CompTIA® Cloud Essentials, Introduction to COBOL, Classroom Management, and Technical Writing. Course descriptions and costs are listed here:

CompTIA Cloud Essentials ($139)

Our CompTIA Cloud Essentials course is an online, non-credit, and self-paced course designed to help participants pass CompTIA’s Cloud Essentials CLO-001 exam.  The Cloud Essentials course provides participants with a foundation in cloud computing and addresses cloud computing from a business perspective.

CompTIA Security+ 501 ($199)

This self-paced course is designed to help participants pass the CompTIA’s Security+ SYO-501 exam. (The SY0-401 CompTIA exam expired 07/2018.) The Security+ course provides participants with a foundation in network security fundamentals. The course focuses on how to develop effective security strategies, including basic principles of encryption. Participants will learn about System Security, Network Infrastructure, Access Control, Assessments & Audits, Cryptography, and organizational Security.

Introduction to COBOL ($75)

The Introduction to COBOL course is self-paced and is designed to help participants learn the basics of COBOL programming. Participants will learn how to retrieve data from COBOL files and write the output to flat text files such as .CSV or tab delimited files that can be used in other applications.

Classroom Management ($75)

This self-paced, non-credit course focuses on how to manage a modern college classroom by evaluating how to build relationships, de-escalate situations, and teach different generations as well as students from poverty.

Technical Writing ($119)

This self-paced, non-credit course covers professional writing skills, including audience awareness, purpose, style, formats, and organization.

BPCC OnDemand™ was created in response to the need for an accelerated and modernized training platform is essential to today’s training management. BPCC OnDemand™ removes all the traditional barriers of enrollment for learners and is instantly available to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. The initial launch of the BPCC OnDemand™ platform offers courses that align to valuable Industry Based Certifications (IBCs), like CompTIA’s Network+ and (ISC)2’s CISSP.   

“With industry requirements ever changing we can offer a quick, high quality, and customized solution to training to meet the requests of our industry partners,” says Sandra Partain, associate vice chancellor of Innovative Learning.

BPCC OnDemand™ mutually benefits both individuals and companies.  Individuals benefit by gaining the credentials and knowledge they need to be competitive in their field while employers benefit by utilizing a professional development platform that is cost effective, user friendly, and customizable. The BPCC OnDemand™ team has the capability to create virtually any type of training to meet employers’ needs.

For more information about BPCC OnDemand™ or to enroll today, visit the website at

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