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LA House Republican Delegation releases statement on budget proposal


​BATON ROUGE – ​The Louisiana House Republican Delegation Chairman Lance Harris released the following video statement on social media regarding his funding bill, HB27 (the statement can be found here: https://youtu.be/lfXfIIWjOo4)

“Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the Republican Spending Reduction Plan that makes sure our critical services like nursing homes and hospitals are funded by renewing one-third of the one-cent sales tax and requires government to reduce it’s spending by 1.3%

The basis for our compromise is that government reduce its spending. Asking state government to cut its spending by 1.3% is not unreasonable. We simply cannot continue to grow the size of government while Louisiana’s GDP is shrinking, businesses are leaving and our population is falling. Again, asking government to reduce its spending by 1.3% is not unreasonable, it’s the most responsible thing we can do.


This bill doesn’t make as many cuts as Republicans want and it doesn’t raise taxes as much as the Governor wants. The bill to reduce spending and renew one-third of the one-cent sales tax is our compromise.

It took an enormous amount of effort to make this compromise work. Reaching a consensus was almost impossible, but we made it happen. If any additional taxes are added it will destroy that consensus.

We look forward to completing the process, making sure our critical services are funded and starting Louisiana down the road to responsible spending and state government living within its means.”

You can find out more about the budget by clicking HERE.

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