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Big changes at Shreveport’s Gelato Café

by BIZ. Staff

The Shreveport Gelato shop formerly known as Paciugo Gelato Caffé is now Primo Gelato Café.

The restaurant still produces authentic Italian Gelato 7-days-per-week in the same Shreveport location on Ellerbe Rd., but now offers a much more extensive menu of made-to-order drinks, desserts, delicacies, pastries, and breakfast, lunch and dinner cuisine.

Breakfast is a significant new focus for the restaurant with their made-to-order Panini sandwiches and the introduction of made-to-order, multiple ingredient choice, Crepes.

“We have big plans for our restaurant and our phenomenal Gelato and other products and services” said Wayne Hogue, owner of Primo Gelato Café. “We’re excited for customers to start tasting some of the new flavors and products we’re bringing out; they’re going to be blown away.”

The name and business model change is a result of the natural development and growth of the local small business in filling customer and market needs and demands.

The shop is adding a selection of wines, beers, and olive oils for retail and on-site consumption, as well as wholesale and custom Gelato, Sorbet and ice cream production and supply.

Catering and concessions has also become a significant part of the business, including Gelato and other delicacies as well as multiple food offerings outside of the café menu.

The new business model also lays the groundwork for several different branded products.

Primo Gelato is our authentic Italian ice cream,” Hogue said. “Gelato is a lower fat content product than traditional American ice cream because it is made from whole milk instead of milk cream.”         

“Primo Gelato Café is our restaurant.” Hogue said. “We differentiate them because we are starting to package and wholesale Primo Gelato.  We want the whole Ark-La-Tex to have access to our fantastic product, even if it’s through grocery or convenience stores or restaurant dessert offerings.”

The name Primo will likely be the prefix tied to many of the other products and services that they offer.

“I can see our products like Wine, Gelato Tacos, Gelato Cannoli, Spumoni, Panini Sandwiches, and Crepes being Primo labeled, as well as services like Concessions, Catering, and our food truck event operations,” Hogue said. “We’ll have our own labeled Primo Olive Oil on shelves soon, along with several select wines, so watch for Gelato, wine, olive oil, and cheese tastings coming soon.”

“I invite everyone to come by the Café and see what Experience Primo is all about,” Hogue said. “Gelato is life-changing; it’s that good! I’ll guarantee that you will be delighted.”

Primo Gelato Café is located in Camp Forbing Marketplace at 9462 Ellerbe Rd. with Kroger Marketplace and Silverstar Grille.

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