Shreveport Chamber hears issues from builders and designers about commercial development

Local developers, engineers and architects voice concerns and discuss solutions

Dr. Timothy J. Magner, president of the Greater Shreveport Chamber, met with more than 30 local architects, engineers and real estate developers Friday to hear their challenges working with local municipalities.

“There is a general feeling that concerns and suggestions are not being addressed. As a convener and advocate for local business, it is the Chamber’s job to listen and help develop solutions to these issues,” said Dr. Magner. “Today’s meeting highlighted that there are some consistent challenges with the codes, regulations and processes utilized by the city and the MPC. These impediments are delaying and even halting construction, having a significant impact on our economic development. I want to work with city and the MPC to see if we can address them as soon as possible.”

After today’s meeting, Dr. Magner plans to work with those who attended to develop a series of recommended solutions to the problems and present them to the MPC and local city officials.

“I’m hopeful that we can all work together for the betterment of Shreveport,” stated Dr. Magner.

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