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Ideas, prizes, opportunities take center stage at LA Tech’s Won in One 2018


Entrepreneurs and innovators from across north Louisiana have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to audience members and a panel of judges to win cash prizes at the Won in One idea pitch competition at 6 p.m. Jan. 18 at Louisiana Tech University’s Rawle Enterprise Center.

As on the hit show “Shark Tank,” a panel of business experts will select the most captivating ideas from the pool of presenters. Similar to programs like “American Idol,” the audience will also have an influence by voting for their favorites. Competitors will have only one minute to share their ideas in a way that is engaging, informative, and financially appealing. Following the presentations, $3,250 in cash prizes will be awarded.

Competitors will benefit from more than prizes at Won in One. They can gain feedback on their venture, identify potential team members, attract investors, meet other innovators, and connect to resources that can support the growth of their ventures. Competitor spaces are limited in number, so register now at https://woninone2018.eventbrite.com/.


North Louisiana residents as well as any Louisiana Tech students are welcome to register as competitors or attend as audience members. Those in attendance will be able to vote for their favorite ideas, support presenters they know, and listen to all these noteworthy opportunities.

At 6 p.m. Jan. 16 in the Rawle Enterprise Center, there will be a workshop to demonstrate how competitors can tell their stories most effectively – what information to include and ways to share the message in a dynamic and memorable fashion.  Participants will gain tips which are helpful for a pitch competition or when sharing ideas with potential investors, vendors, employees, or other stakeholders.

Won in One participants are not required to attend this workshop, but it will be helpful for their upcoming pitches. The meeting is also open to anyone not participating in Won in One who simply wants to learn how to be a better presenter.

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