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New Ochsner Health, LWC program expands career opportunities for healthcare pros


BATON ROUGE – Ochsner Health System’s Workforce Development Department, in partnership with the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), has developed a new apprenticeship program designed to prepare individuals with healthcare backgrounds for careers as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

The Ochsner LPN Registered Apprenticeship Program is an outcome of the 2016 federal grant awarded to the LWC to increase the state’s number of registered apprenticeship programs.

It was also developed in response to the challenges Ochsner identified when moving graduates of its Medical Assistant (MA) program into higher positions.


The new LPN apprenticeship, accredited by the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners, is a 12-month program offered through Northshore Technical Community College that features classroom and clinical components. Upon completion, graduates will earn an associate’s degree in practical nursing.

The inaugural class will consist of current Ochsner Health System employees, including graduates of the Ochsner MA Program and military veterans with specific qualifications, but the organization expects to grow the program to include a broader set of job seekers in the future.

“Our partnership with Ochsner has made significant strides towards diversifying career pathways in Louisiana, and the cultivation of this LPN apprenticeship is no exception,” said Ava Dejoie, LWC Executive Director. “It speaks to the desire of many healthcare professionals to advance their careers and provides an effective avenue to achieve that goal. We look forward to witnessing the countless success stories that this program will undoubtedly generate.”

For more information on Ochsner’s LPN Registered Apprenticeship Program, visit www.ochsner.org/careers.

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