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Kinnaird: The best gifts for your employees

by BIZ. Staff

We have a lot of amazing local companies and organizations with a positive office culture. And there are some who are a little Grinch-y. Don’t be that office. It just takes a little investment of time and effort in your people and you’ll reap the rewards.

Office culture can be summed up in this: it’s how your employees behave when the boss isn’t in the room. You can tell within minutes whether an office has a great culture or not. One of the first things I look for is a sense of humor. Wouldn’t you rather spend all day around people who make you laugh? You can also tell if people sincerely care about each other. Their voices and actions are the tell tale sign here. If your office environment could use a little sprucing up, there are some things you can do.

Happy employees can make the difference in your business success. Happy employees make your customers happy, which obviously leads to a healthier bottom line. What can you do to develop happier people? Give them great gifts! Here are some gifts you should give your employees this year:

1. A sense of humor – Take time to have fun in your office. Start the annual office tug-of-war or Friday afternoon darts game. Allow yourself the freedom to be silly and laugh more. Add in a few fun activities that get your people excited. Because that leads to…

2. Team spirit – How well does everyone know each other? During meetings, acknowledge big and little wins. Encourage brainstorming and collaboration to solve problems. Send out weekly company emails with spotlights on individuals or teams. Share your company mission, and be sure everyone knows what role they play in accomplishing the mission. Because that leads to…

3. Appreciation – Show your commitment to your employees publicly. Sure, it’s nice to get a little Christmas bonus, but most people also appreciate that shout-out during the year. Find ways to show how much you care.

4. The gift of training – Invest in your people development.

These gifts aren’t mutually exclusive. When you add to one, you add to the others. For example, if you host a company pot luck lunch, that would hit on humor, team spirit and appreciation. And if you had some professional development, you’d add to team spirit and appreciation. Give your employees great gifts this year. And get back something wonderful in return.

Amy Kinnaird is a Business Strategist & Speaker. Amy mentors small business CEO’s and works with their teams to improve processes and professionalism so that they are more profitable! Call her at 318-795-0520 or visit

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