Sunday, June 23, 2024

Are You Ready for a Post-Thanksgiving Opportunity?

by David Specht

The turkeys are bought. The dressing is about to be made. The schedule is set. And you have your post-Thanksgiving plan ready to go, right? Why not?

While many look at Thanksgiving weekend as something for the “big boys” to worry about, I can assure you there are ample opportunities for making sales if you know how to work them. Here are some tips for each of the “Major Days” following Turkey Day.

Black Friday (and perhaps part of Thursday)
Many people think this say is reserved for the “Big Boys,” it doesn’t have to be. Many stores and other businesses are located within close proximity of the malls, big box and other stores. In addition, people in are a “big buying mood,” which is a perfect opportunity for major purchases like furniture, appliances, and automobiles. Or, a business could cater to the weary shopper, offering refreshments, beverages, or just a nice place to sit and take a load off. Some “enterprising” businesses could offer to gift wrap Black Friday purchases from other stores to get shoppers into theirs.

Small Business Saturday
This is the best opportunity for locally-owned retailers to see the needle move on the sales report. However, this isn’t a case of just opening your doors and awaiting the droves of people to come flooding in. Special deals, incentives, sales, and hours will help. Make sure there is plenty of signage and other visible means of marketing to keep shoppers from passing by without stopping. If you don’t typically open on Saturday, you should be open¬†THIS¬†Saturday. Restaurants should offer special meals, deals, and hours during all these events.

Cyber Monday
You didn’t know Cyber Monday could be a local sales opportunity? Sure it can. While productivity at many businesses go down due to this online shopping extravaganza, you can use all the “online eyeballs” to your advantage. Schedule a Facebook Live, or an “online only” sale with free local delivery. Remember, it isn’t just about the deals, it is about the convenience. Do something out of the ordinary to gain attention from “scrollers.” This is a great time to host a contest or some other interactive event.

If you take a step back and look at the opportunities around this weekend, and take advantage, it can be a Happy Holiday for sure.

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