Monday, July 15, 2024

You can’t save the world alone

by David Specht

The following is the column I wrote for last Friday’s Minden Press-Herald. While not technically marketing, it is worth the read, especially if you are concerned about our local economy.

There are big announcements in today’s Press-Herald. Two items of economic development importance to Minden are featured.
First is the The Collaboration, an item which I have detailed in this space before. Yesterday’s press conference was nothing short of astounding and full of promise.

The second, is the rebranding and refocusing of our chamber of commerce. Now known as the Greater Minden Chamber, our chamber of commerce is unveiling a new name, new logo, new mission, new website, and a new attitude of conducting business. “Our goal is to create the best business climate in Louisiana for our members,” says their mission statement.

As one of the newest board members of the Greater Minden Chamber, I could not be more proud of the direction things are headed. I have watched this group of individuals put the needs of the business community at the top of every discussion, plan, and program.

Led by President Stephanie Barnette and 2017 Chair Jennifer Spurlock, this chamber has taken a bold step forward. But the mission is more than a new logo or website.

I have personally seen the chamber bring like-minded parties together for the greater good. Each month, local officials from various backgrounds are invited to be a part of the meeting. From Webster Parish School Superintendent Johnny Rowland, to Minden Mayor Tommy Davis and others, the chamber meeting serves as an opportunity for these entities to connect with one another. And, collaboration is always a good thing, as evidenced by “The Collaboration.”

Things are really looking up for our business community. Leadership is committed to make it work. Folks are stepping up like never before (at least in my lifetime.)

Working together for the betterment of all will pay huge dividends down the road. It won’t be overnight, and our resolve will be tested, but it will happen. We should celebrate the victories, no matter how small. Our neighbor’s success is success for all of us.

As self-admitted comic book nerd, I am reminded of a poster I saw for the upcoming “Justice League” movie. The poster shows Batman in the center, surrounded by Justice League members Cyborg, Aquaman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman, with the phrase “You Can’t Save The World Alone.”

That mantra is true for each of us in the community, whether we be in education, or economic development. We can’t save our community alone.

Together, we can do this. Together is the only way we can.

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