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Looking for the positives


Last week, I wrote a column in the Minden Press-Herald about changing one’s mindset in order to achieve success. Yesterday, I realized I had to do the same myself.

My sons have been active in the planning stages of Small Business Saturday locally. They attended the first planning meeting and brought their ideas.

One idea was to create a video for the businesses participating in Small Business Saturday for posting on social media, etc. My boys visited local businesses who were a part of that planning meeting and went to work on the video.


Yesterday, I saw a rough draft of the project. It was in that moment I realized my own misplaced pessimism concerning the business climate in Minden.

It is very easy to view uncertainty and label it “apathy.” In some ways, I was doing that very thing. But, when I saw the video, my eyes were opened.

I saw enthusiastic business owners who genuinely wanted to help people (and offer them great value.) These were not “Eeyore” types who didn’t believe their business could improve. Nor were they spurned business owners who “tried that before” without success.

Small Business Saturday is a real “thing” in the United States. Following the chaos of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to turn one’s attention toward their own neighbors and community and really make a difference to their bottom lines.

I am truly looking forward to Nov. 25. I believe it is going to be a great day for businesses throughout Minden. We all just have to see the positive and aim for success.

Are you ready to give it all you’ve got?

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