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The effects of being late


I’m sure you noticed your weekly 71055 email wasn’t in your inbox on Tuesday as expected. Perhaps you had a negative reaction to its absence. Perhaps you wondered if we have stopped doing them.

You see, when something doesn’t happen at its appointed time, there is a negative feeling. There may be valid “reasons” for the tardiness, but that doesn’t change how it makes the person who is anticipating the timely encounter feel.

The idea of being “on time” has been a bone of contention for many. Some people are “always late.” But I wonder how many sales, opportunities, etc. they miss by doing so.


A friend of mine once said, “Being late is the single most selfish thing you can do. It means you value your time more than the time of the person you are meeting.”

I tend to agree. As someone who has been “stood up” due to lateness, I can attest to the negative feeling and perception of the other individual as a result.

Simply put. Don’t be late.

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