Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Seeing the opportunities around you

by David Specht

Did you know there are business opportunities all around us? Some opportunities are obvious. For instance, major retailers know that Black Friday is a “thing.” Other opportunities take a little more effort to see.

One such opportunity took place last Friday at the Minden High School football home opener.

With the almost-completed football stadium making its debut, a capacity crowd was a given. Some of the “normals” took advantage of the larger crowd — politicians, boosters, etc.

However, there was one business that “geared” up for the event. Harper Motors passed out fans to the fans. On one side was a “Roll TIde” message. In the other, the company’s logo. Brilliant.

WIth mid-to-upper 80-degree weather, and no breeze, the fans were a big hit, and Harper received great exposure.

As I looked at the fans waving all around me, I thought, “How cool would it have been if a restaurant in town did something similar, and put a coupon on the back?” Can you imagine the number of people who would have taken advantage of a post-game meal as a result?

Interestingly, many restaurants in town were not open late for the post-game patrons. Even fast food establishments were down to “drive-thru only” service.

With business as usual being anything but, we all must not only see opportunities, but take advantage of the,. I challenge you to take a step back and look for upcoming opportunities. You will be glad you did.

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