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Football is king – for your marketing


Is it football season yet? I’ve heard this phrase countless times since the Super Bowl in my relationship circles. Locally, high school and college football are the tops, while the NFL dominates elsewhere. Regardless of one’s preference of athletic level, football is one of the most anticipated seasons in all of sports.

For the business that can capitalize on this anticipation, it can be a major windfall, if marketed correctly. In fact, football-related products are not absolutely necessary.

Football is one of the few sports where people actually care about previewing the season. They want to know who is playing for (or coaching) their beloved team. But, they also want to know the status of their team’s opponents.


College football conference media days are covered by all news outlets like a White House press briefing, and every word is broken down by pundits and fans alike. When it comes to attention, football has ours.

As a business, you can capitalize on that attention by placing your message within the football preview sections this newspaper (and others) publish. At the local level, nothing is more read than these previews. Why? Because when you know the kids playing at the local high school, or just have pride in your community, the upcoming football season is big news. When the local team does well, so does the community.

Marketing your business during this time just makes sense — dollars and sense.

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