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Nachos, Tacos, Chalupas, and Marketing


Recently, I was having a conversation with some in colleagues in the news/content business. We were all discussing the multiple ways people consume information these days. In a rare moment of inspiration, I compared it to Taco Bell.

Taco Bell has made a lot of money reconfiguring the same 12-or-so ingredients. Whether is it nachos or gorditas, the ingredients are basically the same.

Don’t like a burrito? No problem, fry the tortilla and now you have a chalupa.


We can all learn a lesson from this. How many of us could reach different customers if we took a step back and reconfigured what we do already? Or, perhaps we could partner with complimentary businesses to help the customer spend more with all.

The same is true for marketing. How can we use different marketing channels to get our message to the right audience? Can we take the messaging we already have and retool it for another customer group?

Tacos sell… especially in 12-packs.

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