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Branding doesn’t have to be expensive


As someone who spent part of his life in the military, there is something appealing about a uniform. Regardless of where you are, it is easy to recognize the “brand” of the military member.

When it comes to business, the same is true. The more ways people can see your logo and/or message, the better. But who has the money to do all that?

It is less expensive than you think. Here are a few doable things:


Logowear: I used to think you had to spend a small fortune to buy a shirt with my logo embroidered on it. Not so. If you watch for sales on golf or other types of shirts, you can choose a local embroidery company to take care of the rest. Once the you pay the cost of digitizing your logo, the cost per item is very low. My personal choice for this is Sew Blessed Stitches on Main in Minden. (https://www.facebook.com/SewBlessedStitches/)

Banners and Signs: Full-color banners are corrugated plastic signs are at an all-time low as far as pricing. You can literally get your message all over town — with permission of course. For this need, I use Webster Printing on Broadway in Minden (http://websterprinting.net). Full Disclosure: Our parent company owns Webster Printing, so of course I use them. However, they do have the best prices on signs and banners in town, and maybe the best prices in the region.

Specialty Advertising Items: This category is more than just pens and coffee mugs (although they work too). There is no limit as to what can carry your logo — and if it matches up with your service or product — all the better. Webster Printing does this as well. Also available locally at Impressions Advertising Specialties. (http://www.promoteyourbusiness.net/)

Business Cards: Yes they still work. This “old standby” is still the prefered method of in-person introductions. They are portable, and can hold a ton of information — especially of you have a magnifying glass – lol. I think you already know my preference for the printing of these. (http://websterprinting.net)

Whatever your choice of putting your brand “out there” just make sure it is consistent with your message, values, and goals. The good news is that you don’t need to go broke to be “known.”

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