Sunday, June 23, 2024

Marketing isn’t just about landing new customers

by David Specht

Recently, I was speaking to one of my sale team members about one of our clients who has “plenty of customers.” It was a daycare that is enjoying a substantial waiting list for new customers.

“They really don’t have a need to advertise.”

It was a wonderful teaching moment. Allow me to share with you what I shared with them.

Just because your plate is full and your coffers are too does not mean that marketing should end. As a matter fact marketing is more important now than ever.

In the case of this daycare provider, imagine if you were a new mom of a first born child. The time has come to place that new bundle of joy into daycare.

You have done all the research, and settled on this local daycare provider. Even though you are confident, you are still nervous about leaving the child with anyone else.

Later, the mom sees marketing from the provider that shares valuable information that reinforces the buying decision that mom made in choosing this provider.

Perhaps the marketing is in the form of a newspaper ad or article about the unique and cutting edge approach this company takes in the care of children. Marketing could be an advertisement touting the combined number of years of experience the daycare staff has in caring for children, especially infants.

Whatever the form the marketing takes, it eases the mind of the new mom and helps her deal with this initial separation from her child.

Remember that it is easier to keep a good customer then to find a new customer. So part of any marketing plan should reinforce the buying decision that a customer or client has already made in you.

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